Heralding Spring Pavilion-221211


BRAND:                     D’arts
COLLECTION:             Summer Palace Collection
PRODUCT CODE:         221211
MATERIAL:                  gilded metallic silver
COLOUR:                     blue haze ms-24
PANEL WIDTH:            3ft(91.5cm)
full design SIZE:      L15ft x H8ft/L18ft x H10ft
REPEAT:                      The First Panel Of The Design Joined To The Last Panel
LEAD TIME:                 two weeks
MINIMUm ORDER:        one set
CUSTOM WORK:           custom size/coluor available, pls ADD TO quote
ORIGIN:                       United Kindom
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A graceful representation of a Chinese garden with a meandering path. Baskets containing delicate flowers hang from trees, and the ancient wall leads you through this blissful Lijiang garden. Birds, flowers and butterflies, popular motifs in the decorative art of chinoiserie, feature throughout the tranquil scene. The design is really beautiful in a lively or natural colour palette, printed on silk or gilded metallic.

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