Gilded Metallic Silver


BRAND:                     D’arts
COLLECTION:             gilded metallic silver Collection
MATERIAL:                  gilded metallic silver
COLOUR:                    N/A
PANEL WIDTH:            3ft(91.5cm)
panel size:                W3ft x H8ft/W3ft x H10ft
REPEAT:                     N/A
LEAD TIME:                 two weeks
MINIMUm ORDER:       one panel
CUSTOM WORK:          custom size/coluor available, pls ADD TO quote
ORIGIN:                       United Kindom


Our luxurious hand gilded metallic silver creates a sophisticated statement wall covering. Silver foil is hand gilded to a paper backing using the ancient tradition of piecing, gluing and hand gilding. The result is a stunning, luxurious metallic silver wall covering fit for a palace.

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MS01 Palace White, MS02 Winter Sunshine, MS03 Rice White, MS04 Silver Mist, MS05 London Fog, MS06 Moonlight, MS07 Mushroom, MS08 Grape, MS09 Pernod, MS10 Barley, MS11 Topaz, MS12 Coral, MS13 Exotic Lime, MS14 Fennel, MS15 Moss, MS16 Kingfisher, MS17 Bluebell, MS18 Coastal Blue, MS19 Saphire Blue, MS20 Just Black, MS21 Sorbet, MS22 Beaujolais, MS23 Rich Red, MS24 Blue Haze, N/A