Faux Silk


BRAND:                     D’arts
COLLECTION:             faux silk Collection
MATERIAL:                  Faux silk
COLOUR:                    N/A
PANEL WIDTH:            3ft(91.5cm)
panel size:                W3ft x H8ft/W3ft x H10ft
REPEAT:                     N/A
LEAD TIME:                 two weeks
MINIMUm ORDER:       one panel
CUSTOM WORK:          custom size/coluor available, pls ADD TO quote
ORIGIN:                       United Kindom


Our faux silk wall covering creates a great practical alternative to raw silk. Finely woven with a paper backing it offers a smooth luxurious finish with a beautiful soft sheen. The finish is uniform and delicate.

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N/A, S01 Snow, S02 Glacier White, S03 Chalk, S04 Chiffon, S05 Linen, S06 Parchment, S07 Cornsilk, S08 Straw, S09 Buff, S10 Natural Stone, S11 Shadow, S12 Lilac, S13 Lemon, S14 Yellow Rose, S15 Tangerine, S16 Orange Zest, S17 Rose, S18 Cardinal Red, S19 Cool Mint, S20 Betula Green, S21 Pastel Green, S22 Celadon, S23 Leaf, S24 Willow, S25 Emerald, S26 Warm Sky, S27 Smoke, S28 Glacier Blue, S29 Surf Blue, S30 Blue Bay, S31 Corsican, S32 Pacific, S33 Indigo, S34 Cobalt Blue, S35 Ink Blue, S36 Masterpiece Navy, S37 Umber, S38 Earth Browm, S39 Vintage Plum, S40 Jet Grey, S41 Iron Gate, S42 Nearly Black