Mei Hua-260613


BRAND:                     D’arts
COLLECTION:             Zen Collection
PRODUCT CODE:         260613
MATERIAL:                  grasscloth
COLOUR:                     malt chocolate gc-23
PANEL WIDTH:            3ft(91.5cm)
full design SIZE:     W15ft x H8ft/W18ft x H10ft
REPEAT:                      The First Panel Of The Design Joined To The Last Panel
LEAD TIME:                 two weeks
MINIMUm ORDER:        one set
CUSTOM WORK:           custom size/coluor available, pls ADD TO quote
ORIGIN:                       United Kindom
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The Mei Hua plum blossom is a traditional flower of China and symbolises resilience and perseverance as it blooms vibrantly amidst even the harsh winter snow. Ancient plum trees found throughout China include a 1,600-year-old tree from the Jin Dynasty. The contemporary painting of the Mei Hua here reflects resilience in the bow of the tree, and beauty in the blossom.

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