Butterfly Parade-841212


BRAND:                     D’arts
COLLECTION:             Xanadu Collection
PRODUCT CODE:         841212
MATERIAL:                  faux silk
COLOUR:                     corsican s-31
PANEL WIDTH:            3ft(91.5cm)
full design SIZE:     layout a W6ft x H8ft/W6ft x H10ft
                                   layout b W12ft x H8ft/W12ft x H10ft
REPEAT:                      The First Panel Of The Design Joined To The Last Panel
LEAD TIME:                 two weeks
MINIMUm ORDER:        one set
CUSTOM WORK:           custom size/coluor available, pls ADD TO quote
ORIGIN:                       United Kindom
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A symbol of grace, love and transformation in Eastern tradition, the butterfly here is painted flying freely. The mood and look of this intricate design can also be transformed by applying different colours to the background and to the pattern. This pretty imagery prints beautifully on silk, paper, gilded metallic and natural grasscloth.

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